Mobile Loyalty and Coupon Platform System

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Mobilize enables retailers and fast-moving consumer good companies (FMCGs) to connect with their customers, through mobile loyalty and rewards programmes.


Mobilize delivers a full solution to retailers.  Our app design team delivers functional yet engaging and modern apps.  Our analytics department knows how to turn broader and deeper customer data into higher revenue for a retailer, and enables retailers to do that through a bespoke reporting portal. To drive the loyalty programme we have our patented and award winning M-CRMTM platform.  


Our patented and award winning M-CRMTM platform enables real-time campaign management and reporting across all digital channels, and comes with closed-loop basket validation.


Business benefits of a mobile loyalty platform



How does the M-CRMTM  platform work?


     Unique user ID (numeric, barcode, NFC)

The unique user ID on the handset, with customer benefits such as points, discounts and vouchers linked to this ID:

• Retailers and FMCGs can assign the appropriate rewards and manage redemptions accurately and securely for each customer

• Customers spend less time at the checkout with our ʻsingle-scanʼ functionality: one simple scan or swipe of the ID can redeem any number of benefits



Personalised offers, content and competitions

Retailers and FMCGs can target relevant and personalised offers, content and competitions straight to shoppers' mobiles:

• Targeting informed by multi-channel insight and individual purchase history

• Customers can access instant discounts, content, and competitions as they shop

Integration with EPOS and eCommerce engine

Light-touch integration with Mobilize's M-CRMTM platform entails minimal systems changes, and brings substantial benefits to retailers and FMCGs

• Secure offer redemption with SKU-level validation

• Secure identification and offer redemption with SKU level validation managed in real-time across multiple channels

• Capturing full basket data thanks to seamless system integration


What does the solution look like?

Mobilize's M-CRMTM platform ensures your loyalty programme can run seamlessly across multiple customer engagement channels, including mobile, social, web, and email. It can run on a standalone basis or integrate with existing e-Commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for a powerful and complete digital loyalty solution.