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Case Study: Bargain Booze

Owned by Conviviality Retail Plc, Bargain Booze is the largest off licence and convenience group in the UK, with over 600 stores. The Bargain Booze fascia was launched in 1988 and is the most prominent brand used by the company.


Bargain Booze’s mobile loyalty scheme ”As If It Wasn’t Cheap Enough” is designed to bring together shoppers, FMCGs, and Bargain Booze franchisees, aligning their respective interests whilst providing benefits to all parties. Shoppers benefit from relevant, personalised offers, content and competitions delivered straight to their phone. FMCGs are empowered to securely target personalised offers, content, and competitions to shoppers, with guaranteed basket validation at the point of sale, and real-time campaign reporting. Bargain Booze franchisees benefit from additional footfall and loyalty, and are automatically reimbursed for discounts provided to shoppers.


The solution 


Bargain Booze’s mobile loyalty scheme runs on Mobilize’s patented M-CRMTM platform, which utilises a single shopper ID (numeric/barcode/NFC) to identify the shopper at the point of sale, and to securely redeem any number of offers and register competition entries. This reduces checkout times compared to loyalty card scanning and manual entry of offer/voucher codes.


The M-CRMTM platform is unique in validating all offers against the purchase basket at SKU level, in real time. This removes the risk of mis – and mal redemption, and ensures that customer insight is captured at the most granular level possible—the SKU level.




• Average basket spend increase of 85%   –  with the average amount spent per visit growing from £7.50 to £13.90

• Members shopping frequency up 32%  –  visiting their local store three times a week on average, with some shopping up to five times a week

• Offer redemption rates up to 28%




“We’re targeting a new breed of digitally savvy shoppers with a range of smartphone-based services to drive footfall and give them compelling incentives to purchase from our franchisee’s stores rather than competitor outlets.

As a discounter, we’re thrilled to be launching a mobile-only loyalty scheme. With Mobilize’s M-CRMTM solution we have a single platform to manage all aspects of the programme—encompassing ID capture, personalised offers, content and competitions” (Adam Burnett, Marketing Director)



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